HSBB Courier Stats

Here we show you the public couriers we created, and were delivered successfully. You can use the filters on the left to drill down. Use the data to find an appropriate price for your own couriers.

We update the data irregularly. Right now there are 1542 couriers in the database.

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Results (99+)

1 jump517 m3356,874,631 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump3,332 m3906,369,910 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump44,453 m3415,715,908 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump18,839 m3267,529,295 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump76,385 m3827,556,877 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump34,365 m3747,624,582 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump51,200 m31,350,547,612 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump50,000 m3356,200,000 ISK1,000,000 ISK
1 jump61,840 m3382,944,200 ISK1,000,000 ISK
2 jumps8,319 m3459,036,251 ISK1,000,000 ISK
2 jumps59,284 m31,871,882,000 ISK2,000,000 ISK
2 jumps60,000 m3897,300,000 ISK1,000,000 ISK
2 jumps23,547 m3858,395,272 ISK1,000,000 ISK
2 jumps412 m3618,886,421 ISK1,000,000 ISK
2 jumps2,821 m31,056,296,186 ISK2,000,000 ISK
2 jumps54,797 m31,019,165,532 ISK2,000,000 ISK
2 jumps49,934 m3344,234,972 ISK1,000,000 ISK
2 jumps60,000 m3552,700,000 ISK1,000,000 ISK
2 jumps44,705 m31,610,279,827 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps814 m3910,480,911 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,475 m3479,284,312 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps211 m3327,347,848 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,189 m3204,340,495 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps7,041 m3383,344,065 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps18,767 m31,190,371,618 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps40,884 m31,468,102,743 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps507 m3304,051,033 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,117 m396,591,704 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps4,363 m392,428,260 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps8,794 m3160,778,959 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps17,364 m3300,994,941 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps500 m31,745,000,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
3 jumps5,552 m3389,370,805 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps1,506 m31,438,132,023 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps978 m3839,160,815 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps3,720 m3414,564,483 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps7,512 m3174,203,015 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps22,215 m3584,301,279 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps37,818 m3880,993,494 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps3,811 m32,454,255,950 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps768 m3328,973,674 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,268 m3118,814,873 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,460 m3135,352,189 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,480 m3226,245,278 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps4,391 m3197,215,916 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps4,890 m3256,823,593 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps7,677 m3176,271,249 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps8,140 m3157,854,790 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps12,445 m3268,437,858 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps28,502 m3669,173,213 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps60,001 m31,524,845,500 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps58,547 m33,151,075,722 ISK4,000,000 ISK
3 jumps50,000 m31,394,000,000 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps34,672 m31,523,219,408 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps8,731 m31,326,825,184 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps27,171 m3636,374,387 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps40 m3160,504,124 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps158 m3196,914,219 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps437 m3517,141,523 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps929 m3169,816,971 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,408 m3200,390,466 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps2,440 m344,246,491 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps1,970 m321,945,678 ISK1,000,000 ISK
3 jumps53,067 m31,555,183,237 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps1,451 m3932,452,404 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps8,173 m3273,414,914 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps27,423 m3600,274,474 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps60,208 m33,985,994,414 ISK3,000,000 ISK
3 jumps50,000 m31,021,700,000 ISK2,000,000 ISK
3 jumps60,481 m32,843,981,850 ISK5,000,000 ISK
3 jumps55,563 m31,919,968,281 ISK4,000,000 ISK
3 jumps58,754 m31,550,049,828 ISK3,000,000 ISK
3 jumps60,000 m31,602,850,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
3 jumps10,930 m31,754,429,501 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps2,198 m31,216,072,990 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps6,846 m32,375,635,552 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps11,043 m31,751,356,791 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps220 m31,199,725,553 ISK2,000,000 ISK
4 jumps2,308 m31,062,166,979 ISK2,000,000 ISK
4 jumps6,228 m3153,913,510 ISK1,000,000 ISK
4 jumps20,379 m3527,606,397 ISK2,000,000 ISK
4 jumps61,765 m31,029,486,574 ISK2,000,000 ISK
4 jumps40,944 m31,466,440,650 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps61,639 m31,525,619,765 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps22,812 m3452,647,411 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps620 m31,718,901,101 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps2,836 m3612,641,505 ISK2,000,000 ISK
4 jumps7,256 m3689,848,139 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps47,018 m31,022,191,060 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps50,000 m31,450,000,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps50,000 m31,450,000,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps50,000 m31,411,500,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps50,000 m31,436,500,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps50,000 m31,380,000,000 ISK4,500,000 ISK
4 jumps60,000 m31,406,275,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps20,500 m31,236,185,000 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps1,094 m3169,470,346 ISK2,000,000 ISK
4 jumps10,997 m32,084,987,827 ISK3,000,000 ISK
4 jumps789 m34,466,069,300 ISK6,000,000 ISK
4 jumps493 m3278,343,877 ISK3,000,000 ISK